Distronic is an evolution of cruise control from Mercedes. It is a system of maintaining a given speed and safe distance — supports a given distance between Your car and the vehicle in front or a given speed. Simply put, this system allows you to set the required distance between the cars and adheres to it, changing the speed of the vehicle if there is a slower car in front. DISTRONIC began to set on the cars of Mercedes-Benz in 1998.

The Distronic system is an intelligent cruise control system that is ready to take on some of the tedious responsibilities of the driver. If Your car is approaching another, which is moving in the same direction at a slower speed, then when the Distronic system is turned on (activated by the well-known lever-switch system "Tempomat"), it will automatically "reset the gas" or use the brakes to maintain a given minimum distance between the cars. If the distance to the car in front increases or the road in front of your car becomes clear, the Distronic system will operate as a normal cruise control system, maintaining a predetermined speed in the range of 30 to 180 km/h.

Unlike the standard Distronic, the DISTRONIC PLUS system is only available in combination with the optional 7-speed 7G-DCT dual clutch transmission. When driving with frequent stops, the DISTRONIC PLUS system automatically slows the car down, if necessary, to a complete stop. Automatic braking occurs with a deceleration value of up to 4 m/c2. Then, as soon as the road situation allows, the DISTRONIC PLUS system will automatically accelerate the car to the speed set before. If the DISTRONIC PLUS system detects the need for more vigorous braking, it starts to give the driver a warning in the form of a intermittent sound signal, and a warning symbol lights up on the instrument cluster. Both types of warnings are intended to increase the driver's caution and, if required, also indicate the need to brake independently. To resume the movement after a complete stop of the car, you only need to pull the lever of the "Tempomat" system or touch the accelerator pedal.

The system was developed because too short a distance, inattention of the driver and unexpected, sudden stop in front of cars – these are the most common causes of collisions on the road.

Automatic system for maintaining a safe distance on the basis of radar DISTRONIC PLUS with built-in emergency braking system BAS PLUS company Mercedes-Benz provides assistance when driving. The system automatically maintains the distance to the vehicle in front and greatly helps to minimize the risk of collision, recognizing potentially dangerous situations and responding accordingly.

Modern radar technology, DISTRONIC PLUS analyzes the situation in front of the car and can recognize a risk of collision. Behind the front bumper there are two short-range radars with an operating range from 20 cm to 30 m and a coverage angle of 80°. Long-range radar is hidden behind the radiator shell. In the latest version of DISTRONIC PLUS special equipment provides analysis of both long and medium distance zones. The operating range of the long-range zone reaches 200 m at a coverage angle of 18°, in the zone of medium distance – 60 m at a coverage angle of 60°.

In traffic jams, the DISTRONIC PLUS system automatically brakes the car, if necessary – to a complete stop. Automatic braking is carried out with a maximum deceleration of 4m/sec2. When the situation on the road allows it again, the DISTRONIC PLUS system automatically accelerates the car to the previously set speed, thus freeing the driver from the tedious routine actions with frequent acceleration and braking when driving in traffic jams or driving a column.

If DISTRONIC PLUS understands that more intense braking is required, a repeated beep will sound and the warning lamp will light up in the instrument cluster. Both of these signals call the driver to increased attention, indicating that, if necessary, he will have to brake himself. To re-start from the place after a complete stop, it is enough to press the lever switch "Tempomat" again or slightly press the gas pedal.

The desired driving speed set by the driver in advance when the DISTRONIC PLUS system is active is shown on the display. If a vehicle is detected in the radar range, its speed is also displayed. If desired, you can display an additional graphic image of the distance.


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