So, You have decided that you are already quite fond of Formula 1 and want to see everything "live". It remains to decide where to go and how much it will cost. I will not analyze the article offers from travel agencies, and talk about their own experience. The fact that the tours are great, but often you are tied to the program, which was chosen by the company-organizer of the trip to the Grand Prix and it's an Amateur, and to compare the prices of tours and excursions is a thankless task.

The cost of the trip, of course, depends on many factors and will vary from track to track. Also when choosing a route you need to consider how you will get there and how much time you will spend there. Let's look at everything in order. Some points may be taken for granted, but the article is written more for people who are thinking of going to the Grand Prix for the first time, so I ask You to be lenient.

Track and seats

Ticket prices on most racetracks are similar, and a detailed analysis of each of the routes, prices and other things I plan to do in the following articles. Tickets can be divided into 3 categories:

  1. General Admission
  2. Bronze/Silver
  3. Gold

Immediately let's agree - as true fans, we are talking here about tickets on the whole weekend! After all, a dubious pleasure to go for 1 day for a real fan .

Hungaroring Старт-Финиш

Public access tickets will cost you an average of 100 Euros. General Admission implies Your location "on the grass" - in fact, it is anywhere but the stands. On most racetracks You will find plenty of green areas for public access, where you can enjoy the race is not worse than from the podium. And on Friday you can be anywhere, that is, with General Admission tickets you can go to the main podium and watch the practice from there!

As an example - in Monza with General Admission you can watch the race from the inside of the Parabolic, 3-5 meters from the pit lane, and in front of you and behind there are 2 screens, so You just do not miss anything. On the track with sharing tickets Hungaroring great to watch the race, becoming just above the podium Red Bull at the last turn. In the photo example on direct start-finish with this place. Moreover, you have a view of the back straight, so that the place is not much inferior to the stands.

Cons tickets "from the grass" (General Admission) - in the days of qualification and especially the race wishing to take a place closer to the track will be a lot, so get ready to arrive at the circuit early in the morning and "keep" the selected position.

Tickets to the stands cost an average of 250 to 600 Euros for the entire stage. A huge plus of these tickets compared to General Admission is the availability of Your place, so you can safely walk around the track and enjoy a lot of entertainment on the racetrack, waiting for the next race GP2, or Porsche super Cup before Formula 1, buy Souvenirs of Formula 1, or just normally go to the toilet, not worrying about the place .

Also, the stands give a better overview (from track to track, though it may not be much better), almost guarantee You the screen opposite, where you will see the broadcast of the race and do not miss anything on the sections of the track, hidden from you and in some stands installed canopies, which is very useful in case of rain, or Vice versa, heat. Prices, as you know, depend on the "trump" place.

So the main prices of tickets for Formula 1, as well as their pros and cons, we briefly reviewed, the choice is yours, go ahead.

Accommodation and travel to the highway

It just so happened that most of the racetracks (urban routes do not count) are located if not in the forest, then at a decent distance from the big cities, and therefore find a hotel near the highway, and even cheaper than flying to the moon can be difficult. If You travel by car, it's not a problem, take a hotel 30-50 km from the track and lay an hour on the road, but the savings will be huge (however, in experience, on the day of the formula 1 race it is better to lay a couple of hours)! The second option is public transport. As an example, in the article "Monza - trip to the Grand Prix" just deals with this case with the prices of travel and recommendations.

Using the booking sites, we get the average price of accommodation near the track about 1200 Euros for 4 days and 200-300 for the same 4 days in the 30-kilometer zone. The difference is huge! If You have a question why 4 days, because the stage of the world championship Formula 1 is Saturday - Sunday, keep in mind that on Friday there are practices, this is a great opportunity to walk quietly on the racetrack, because life there is already kyrit Thursday, and Thursday often held autograph sessions and different shows, and just walk around the city, I think it will be nice. Just do not forget, usually prices rise as the event approaches, so that prices for 3-6-9 months before the race and a week before it may differ at times in the same hotel!

If the hotel we have decided and take the average value of 250-300 Euros, the plus here travel about 6-8 Euros per day per person. Well, 10 Euros for Breakfast and 30 for dinner. Lunch - on the highway.

Food on trackside

Formula 1 - the Queen of Motorsport and prices on the track to match its status. A snack on the track will cost about 6-10 Euros or more for a small sandwich, or a piece of meat from the grill and French fries, where without it, and a glass of beer - usually from 3 Euros, the same with water.

Souvenirs. It's simple, the prices are the same as on the official websites of the teams. T-shirts on 40-50 Euros, caps on 25, jackets on 130, trinkets on 10-15 and so on. Souvenirs with the symbols of the formula 1 route are usually 20-30% cheaper.


No, flight, I have not forgotten, but at this point decide how and where to go\good to go. In Europe, the flight will cost, if you buy in advance, about 40-50 Euros there and back.

  • Tickets for the route: 100-500 Euros
  • Accommodation: 250 Euro
  • Travel: 40 Euros
  • Meals: 200-300 Euros
  • Souvenirs (well, let's not deceive ourselves ): 100-150 Euro

The amount of the trip to the Grand Prix: from 600 to 1300 Euros depending on the cost of tickets for the track and the associated costs for a more or less budget option, but believe me, it's worth it!


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